Space Saving Hanger

Space Saving Hanger

Prior to going out and buying your new space saving hanger. The initial step to adopt in order to take full advantage of your wardrobe space should be to clear out your wardrobe. I understand this isn’t what you would like to be told; nonetheless it has to be accomplished. Get rid of whatever you have not put on over the last 12 months and definitely over the past two or three years. After that  you can go and purchase your space saving hangers.

A space saving hanger will certainly take full advantage of the wardrobe you’ve just liberated. If you have last season’s clothing packed away in suitcases because of insufficient room inside your closet, you can now go and put them back inside your wardrobe. These types of space-saving hangers can release so much room inside your wardrobe that you will find space for last season’s clothes and much more. Making use of a space-saving hanger provides you with up to 50% more room inside your wardrobe.

Clothes hangers normally occupy an excessive amount of room inside your wardrobe because of their width and general poor design. A Huggable Hanger or the H & L Russel’s space saver is extremely more advanced than your typical clothes hanger. They’re approximately 1/3rd as wide as plastic hangers which make them very slim and remember they provide you with a whole lot of additional room in order to suspend additional outfits.

The 50 ultra thin velvety smooth hangers are a very clever design because they prevent your clothes slipping off the hanger. The wardrobe wizard wonder hanger
is also another design which is good because these cascaders makes better use of the vertical space in your wardrobe.

These kinds of hangers can hold a number of different items of clothing. You are able to get organized trousers or dresses around the lower half of the hanger along with shirts or tops around the upper half. This really is a terrific way to complement the garments you dress yourself in on a daily basis and can save you time coordinating outfits when you’re in a hurry to leave for work each morning.

These types of sturdy hangers can easily connect as much as five wardrobe hangers jointly to create a cascading hanger. It makes use of the vertical area and will also save you plenty of horizontal room inside your wardrobe rack. These types of hooks are wonderful with regard to connecting dress hangers and trouser hangers. You can cluster all of your trousers or dresses together and conserve wardrobe space at the same time. Employing a clip on the trouser hanger gets the additional advantage of always keeping the trousers hanging perfectly and crease free.

Alternatively, if you have heavy pants like jeans, you can get the steel hangers which have 4 bars. These are great for saving space because you can get so many pants on to one hanger. I use these for all my jeans and it is amazing how easy it is now not only to find but see all my clothes in one place.

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Space Saving Hanger


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